Get the real DL on HP laptops

If you want the DL on HP laptops—street slang for the “down low” or inside information—you don’t need to go any further than here. Hewlett-Packard is one of the top brands in the computer market. Big names like HP offer a wide range of notebook models to suit any person’s needs.

That’s the beauty of laptops these days. In the ancient times—six or seven years ago when laptops started making it big—laptops really had one prime function: mobility. For the ability to bring your computer with you to the lab, library, or just the couch, people way back then were willing to pay extraordinary amounts of money.

The trade off, though, was that you weren’t getting too much for your money. Laptops back then tended to be slower than desktop versions, with less options on memory, processors, and applications. The whole purpose of them, remember, was mobility. If you wanted mobility and power, you were looking at a small fortune.

Nowadays, the opposite is true. Laptops aren’t far behind desktops in price and power. The selection of hard drives, memory, and processors has shot to the moon—or the couch in some cases. Capabilities for notebooks such as HP laptops are so great that many people buy them as their primary computer, to use on their desk, at their office, or in their neighborhood coffee shop.

Just as you would when buying your desktop computer, you need to consider your needs when you’re looking for laptops. No longer is their primary purpose their ability to be carried. Now there are laptops strictly made for playing video games. Others are packed with the high-tech graphics programs to design these video games. While other notebooks are loaded with business capabilities such as Bluetooth wireless access and FireWire ports.

It’s up to you to decide exactly what you need your HP laptops for. Then let the notebook do all the work.

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