Refurbished Inspiron XPS

Have you considered the idea of buying a refurbished Inspiron XPS instead of buying a brand new machine? There are so many benefits to buying a refurbished Inspiron XPS machine. The main one of course is the amount of money you will be able to save. A lot of the time people can't afford a brand new Inspiron XPS machine. Let's face it, computers don't grow on trees.

When you buy a refurbished Inspiron XPS you can save loads of money. Did you know that most computers use the same internal parts? There's the hard drive, motherboard, processor, memory, and CD/DVD-Rom.

All you really have to do to change a used PC to a new one is replace a couple of those parts. Getting a new motherboard and processor could cost you maybe $300 bucks and so upgrading a used Inspiron XPS would be much cheaper than buying a brand new $1500 system.

A lot of Dell users will buy a refurbished Inspiron XPS with the idea of scrapping them for parts. You'll find most people just trash good computers because of small problems. There could be a problem with just one component. In which case, you still have tons of workable parts to play with.

Finding a good place to pick up a refurbished Inspiron XPS is hard. You don't see too many computer stores that sell old or used machines. However, if you look online you can find great websites that sell nothing but used or refurbished Inspiron XPS machines.

Whatever you do, don't buy a Inspiron XPS machine off an auction site or you might end up with a complete dud Inspiron XPS machine. Buying from a reputable site is the best option as t least you will get some sort of warranty even if it is only 3 months.

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