Sign up for success with Sony laptops

Sony laptops are known for being some of the lightest on the market. What’s a couple of ounces give or take, you ask? Try lugging your laptop around all morning to class on campus. Or sling the bag on your shoulder for an all day trip through the airport on a business trip. After a couple hours of either one, your shoulder is bound to be a bit sore.

All frequent flyers and studious students could use a Sony notebook, such as the Vaio VGN-T1XP. It’s an ultra light computer that can ease the pain of your shoulder strap. It only weighs 1.38 kilograms, which barely gets the needle on the scale moving. (Or the pixels moving, that is, if you have a digital scale!)

But just because the notebook doesn’t pack on the pounds doesn’t mean it’s light on features. It offers a modest 10.6 inch wide screen display, which comes with a X-black LCD technology for clear, crisp images.

These Sony laptops also have some size when it comes to their hardware. The Sony’s hard drive comes with 40 GB standard, while the memory is 512 MB of RAM. As for the standard processor, these laptops feature the Intel 1.1 GHz Pentium M processor.

And being that mobility is an essential aspect of any notebook computer, the Sony is geared for maximum wireless connectivity. Bluetooth wireless technology is a huge part of this, so you can access your personal digital assistant, cell phone, and other wireless devices at home, at the office, or on the road.

Sony doesn’t mess around the aesthetics of the notebook either. It stands out among its competition with its midnight blue chassis and the famous Sony Vaio sine wave logo. Not only will your shoulder be happy carrying around this Sony. You will be glad you have one of the Sony laptops, too.

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