Essential Netbook Accessories

You love your netbook. It's lightweight, smaller than a laptop, and can perform all the tasks you want to do on the go. Still, you wish it had just a little larger keyboard, more power, or more space, or an extra easy way to transfer files, make presentations, and more. Sure, even the best minibook will come up short in one aspect or another.

Luckily, you can solve all these problems with netbook accessories that are easy to add and don't cost the price of the computer itself.

Memory is high on the wish list of most users. With contemporary applications you can get by with the 1GB (or even 512MB) that netbooks come with standard. But it sure would help to have a little more. Lucky for you Crucial (a Micron subsidiary) makes a 2GB SO DIMM that will fit just fine in just about any brand or model out there.

But to get those memory-consuming applications onto your netbook in the first place can sometimes be a challenge. Some, like Microsoft Office or Open Office, come pre-installed on different models. Many can be downloaded off the web with ease. Yet even today there are hundreds that are best (sometimes only) available for install off of a DVD or CD. Also, you may long to burn files to free up space on what can be a limiting hard drive.

The Samsung SE-S084B external DVD Writer is just the ticket. You can playback movies, burn DVDs or CDs, and make use of all the features you're used to having on your full-sized laptop. It just pops into any available USB 2.0 port which almost all netbooks have to spare. You can even make the unit run faster by plugging it into 2 USB ports at the same time.

Sometimes that's overkill for your needs. You can take advantage of the SD card slot built into all netbook models instead. Several manufacturers make SDHC cards that will hold up to 32GB worth of files. No doubt even more by the time you read this. A-Data makes a turbo speed card that really flies. If your netbook is limited to, say, the pre-installed 8GB or 16GB SSD drive, these can really be a lifesaver. Just make sure to get a Class 6 card or better. That's the designator for high-speed SD cards.

Of course, you can really go whole hog and get an external hard drive. They're great for full backups, storing large video files, and more. Western Digital makes the My Passport 250GB capacity external hard drive. It just plugs into a USB 2.0 port. Even better, it's powered through that same USB cord, so you don't have to plug it in to the wall. You can take it with you wherever you take the netbook.

Just pop all your extras into a Mobile Edge Mini Messenger carrying case and you can take off with ease. Netbook, cell phone, PDA, and more all fit just great. There is even a mesh pocket for a water bottle, along with the usual pouches for cables, DVDs, and more.

Netbooks are terrific for portability while providing full-function computing. Don't let their small size and capacity turn you off when you can just get some extra accessories. Then, you'll have everything offered by a laptop and still be ready to go.

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