The HP 2133 Mini-Note Netbook

The HP 2133 Mini-Note is the company's slightly older netbook offering compared to the newer 1010NR and 1035NR. But, it's not always true that older means worse. The Mini-Note is a good exception to the rule.

The only major drawback is the 2133's use of the somewhat slower Via C7-M CPU. The clock speed is still 1.6GHz, so you won't notice much difference. But, truth be told, the Intel Atom is a better processor in practice.

Still, with 2GB RAM onboard, the difference will hardly be noticeable. With its much larger 120GB hard drive and faster spin at 7,200 rpm the performance is actually better in many applications than its newer cousins.

This older model also offers several other advantages and some great options.

The 2133 is 10.4" wide by 6.5" deep by only 1.1" high. The solid, brushed aluminum lid and magnesium-alloy chassis give it a great look and solid feel. It offers 2 USB 2.0 ports, a mini-FireWire port, SD card slot, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and much more, as well. You won't have to worry about taking this unit on the road.

When you do you'll be very pleased with the Mini-Note's 1280 x 768 resolution on a bright, scratch-resistant 9-inch screen. That's outstanding for a netbook monitor and you'll find you get much less eyestrain from using it on long trips than with some other models.

With an optional ExpressCard for mobile broadband, you'll be taking this one along a lot more often, too. Lugging an 8lb laptop through airport terminals can get very old after a while. At under 3lbs you won't get arm fatigue with this model.

Unlike most minibooks, the HP 2133 will run Windows Vista Basic without a hitch. You shouldn't expect the screaming performance you'll get out of a gaming desktop, or even a high-end laptop. But, with the extra memory and hard drive capacity, this baby will run the same OS you use on your other machines. That saves a lot of mental wear and tear adapting from one system to the next in different usage scenarios.

There's another area where the Mini-Note truly shines: the keyboard. Like its cousins - the 1010NR and 1035NR - this netbook offers a standard layout that is a full 92% in size of a standard laptop keyboard. It also has a great feel, just as you've become used to with your laptop. You won't find yourself having to adapt your typing style each time you switch machines.

Also, the trackpad is fully functional, simple to use, and unobtrusive. Many trackpads jerk and jump every time you get near on them. You won't have that problem with the 2133.

So, check out the HP Mini-Note 2133 netbook. Sometimes, older is better.

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