The HP Mini 1035NR Netbook

HP has a smaller netbook called the HP Mini 1010NR that is a superb unit. The Mini 1035NR is an only slightly larger cousin that offers the same outstanding features and functionality with even more value for your dollar.

The 1035NR offers the same Intel Atom CPU running at 1.6GHz, but it has bumped up the default RAM to 1GB. It also expands on the 1010NR's default 8GB NAND SSD hard drive to a whopping 60GB rotary drive spinning at 4,200 rpm.

Of course, 60GB may not sound like much in these times when an ordinary desktop comes standard with 320GB. But for a netbook it's very impressive. If you need more, there's an option to add an external drive that will support up to 160GB. That number will probably be more by the time you read this.

The HP Mini 1035NR comes pre-configured with Windows XP Home Edition. XP also supports more than 1GB RAM, of course, and luckily the 1035NR will allow you to bump up the memory to a full 2GB. If you think back only a couple of years, that was huge even in a full-sized laptop. Few users will find themselves slowing down for being memory starved.

The applications this minibook supports will make use of it, though. Microsoft Office runs just fine on this model. Word can creep up in size if you stay booted up for a long time and Excel can grow to serious dimensions. Firefox is a stellar browser but it is a known memory hog for those users who like to open multiple sites in short periods of time.

The 1035NR will run all these apps and many more without excessive performance degradation. No one should expect that performance to match a high-end laptop and certainly not a gamer's screaming, fully decked out desktop. But for a netbook, used within the design limitations, no one will have any good reason to complain.

There is still another area where the 1035NR and even its smaller cousin, the 1010NR outshine the competition: the keyboard.

A few netbook models offer keyboards that compromise. This one doesn't. That compromise can take the form of re-located keys which really don't take that long to get used to. Or, they can provide squashed, squishy key sets to which you can never fully adjust.

The 1035NR really shines in this area. The keyboard layout is standard and the feel is just what you would expect if you've used a laptop. You won't find yourself fumbling around here just to save a few pounds of carrying weight. The size is so close to a standard keyboard you'll hardly notice the difference after a short adjustment period.

You'll also be very pleased with the full 10.2 inch screen. It is bright, near-full resolution at 1024 x 600, and can be used in full light. That's a very valuable feature when you're in an airport, a classroom, or at the local Internet cafe.

Check out the HP Mini 1035NR and find out how it's possible to get a highly portable netbook that doesn't make you sacrifice laptop features.

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