Monitoring My Network

What would be the reason for network monitoring? This is a perfectly reasonable question, and one that is not immediately obvious. The necessity for network monitoring becomes obvious soon enough, however, and there are a number of good reasons for it.

One of the more basic reasons for network monitoring would be simply to make sure everything is working correctly. If a printer or cable modem stopped functioning, you would wish to know it at once. This alone answers the network monitoring question – and answers yes.

Another more basic reason to be network monitoring is the capability to regulate and optimize your network performance. If, for example, you discover that one or two particular computers are using all of your Internet bandwidth, you can make sure that they are necessary. If they are, you can then decide how to rectify the problem.

This particular ability is called “packet sniffing”. Most software packages include packet sniffing as a standard tool, which makes network monitoring much easier. Packet sniffing allows you to do everything from detecting breaks in network traffic to finding out if your network is being used to access illegal or restricted web sites.

Another, separate type of software package you will want to consider investing in is a good virus protection system and firewall. Though usually not included in most network monitoring software, virus protection is essential to the company which wishes to do any kind of business online. A good virus protection program will both protect your hardware as well as inform you if you’re being attacked by hackers or other malicious intruders.

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