Why Network Monitoring

Network monitoring is a method for supervise everything that goes on within a computer network; when a series of computers are connected through a network, each user can be monitored from by a software application that details what every user is doing on the computer they are assigned to. Businesses benefit from network monitoring because they can keep a closer eye on the activities of their employees and ensure that they are being productive in the work place. Network monitoring is essential to many of today’s businesses and institutions. Through network monitoring, business owners can keep an eye on all that aspects of their business, without hiring additional personnel to conduct the monitoring required.

Network monitoring allows for the observance of emails, keystrokes, user names, passwords, and more. A network monitoring application can store screenshots of websites that employees visit, as well as chat logs—such a tool lets employers know what employees are doing during their work time and therefore network monitoring applications allow employers to deal with issues that may arise in terms of employee productivity. Further, by increasing employee productivity, the company ultimately improves the costs of labor—more work gets done when employees are functioning in an appropriate manner, not wasting time surfing the Internet on the company’s dollar.

Meanwhile, academic institutions also benefit from network monitoring. Universities can monitor student activity in the library, in the virtual classroom, and in the labs on campus. Network monitoring allows universities to prevent the abuse of their computer systems and to maintain the integrity of the systems they have installed.

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