Aeron Office Chair

The Herman Miller Aeron office chair is an ergonomic chair that has been specially designed for comfort in an office environment. While

Aeron office chairs are quite expensive, they are highly regarded as comfortable. The Aeron office chair seat and back is not upholstered with cloth, but rather constructed with a semi-transparent and flexible metal mesh called a pellicle. This strong suspension system helps to evenly distribute weight over the seat and back of the chair. The pellicle design also form-fits to your body to decrease pressure points while sitting at your desk. Because the pellicle is mesh, air can pass through, which also leaves you cooler and more comfortable when having to sit for extended periods of time at the office.

These long-term office chairs come in three sizes: A, B and C, constituting small, medium and large respectively, and they come with a full compliment of adjustments and original suspension. The Aeron office chair is ergonomically designed for a custom fit lower back support leading to improved posture and comfort for your lower back. All three sizes have a wide and high contoured back, which takes weight off of your lower spine. The wide, soft and sloped armrests are easy on the arms and the waterfall front edge of the seat eases pressure under your thighs so circulation isn’t restricted.

The extremely comfortable and ergonomic breakthrough design of the Aeron office chair has gained a spot in the New York Museum of

Modern Art’s permanent collection. Quickly rising to new heights in office design, ergonomics, and comfort, the Aeron office chair is taking the business world by storm.

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