Leather Office Chairs: The Cadillac of Office Furniture

Leather office chairs are available in a wide variety of colors and styles. They range in price from under one hundred dollars to more than a few thousand. The more standard models are nothing to sneeze at, but these are not the chairs that you will find in executive suites across the nation.

Leather office chairs can be customized for the user; however, these chairs can cost more than a few thousand dollars. High end leather office chairs can be frequently found in the offices of the company executives and upper management suites. Leather office chairs are also familiar furniture in executive conference and meeting rooms.

Leather office chairs are considered the Cadillac of office furniture. They are chosen for their luxurious material and comfort. They are also more durable than cloth chairs. Most leather office chairs are made from cowhide leather, with a vinyl being used on the outside surfaces for more durability. Another standard feature on most leather office chairs are five-prong swivel bases and dual-wheel, hooded castors, which allow for turning and gliding across the workplace floor to complete tasks.

The mid to upper-end leather office chairs offer proper ergonomics. These office chairs offer lumbar support (the curve at the base of your spine on your lower back), comfortable seating that reduces stress and pressure on the back, spine, shoulders and neck, comfortable seating, and the ability to turn or swivel in the chair. A proper ergonomically styled leather office chair should offer seat height adjustment and armrest height adjustment to allow for differing body types to utilize them.

Drive a Cadillac in your office today and purchase leather office chairs for your luxury, the comfort of your employees, and the delight of your clientele.

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