Are Online Storage Sites Secure

Are online storage sites secure? The answer is yes and they provide convenient storage of data files. Online storage sites use secure servers with extreme hacker protection. Their protection of data stored with them is not only more secure than what you have on your computer, but give the added safety of offsite storage of important information.

Most of the storage sites charge a modest monthly fee and allow 24/7 entries by user name and password to your stored files. Their storage limit per customer is more than most small businesses would ever need.

If you have ever had a complete computer failure or crash, you know how devastating that can be. If this has never happened to you, you are lucky and it will happen sometime in the future. Storing important information on an offsite convenient place is not only smart, but prevents loss of important data.

Another feature of online storage is it is available from any computer in the world. All a subscriber needs is the web address, the user name and the password. Weekly updates to these files can be automated so they are always current.

A search on the Internet will provide many site choices and monthly prices. Some offer it free if they host your site. Others offer this service at such a modest monthly expense, it is almost free. Security, safe backup copies and convenience are the three basic reasons to consider online storage of data. This idea has merit in this modern computer age as we are collecting all kinds of data at an ever-increasing rate.

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