Online File Storage Limits

So you’ve been thinking about investing in some online file storage. But how much can those services really hold? A few documents? Twelve pictures? The entire human genome? Well, that depends. Many online file storage services are completely free. That doesn’t mean they’re small, by any means – some free storage services offer up to five gigabytes of online storage – more than enough to hold hundreds of pictures without any trouble.

Of course, if you need more than that you’re probably going to have to pay more – though still not much. It’s fairly common to pay, for instance, four dollars a month in order to maintain one hundred gigabytes of online file storage space. A hundred gigabytes is a lot of room – easily 75,000 high quality photographs and literally millions of web quality ones. With one hundred gigabytes of music you could listen for weeks without ever hearing the same song twice.

Some free web sites have significantly less than either of these. Usually meant to keep photo albums, these online storage services will usually only have enough space to store a few dozen pictures. The simple thing to remember is just to look – all online storage sites have their storage limit prominently posted on their websites. Just remember to shop around until you find the site that best matches your needs. Regardless, you’ll rest easier knowing that whatever happens to your desktop, your data will be safe in its digital fortress on the World Wide Web. Take a look at your options today.

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