Online Storage FAQ

How much space do most online storage companies give you?

That depends, of course, on how much you plan to spend. Most free online storage servers will give you enough to store some music or a few albums of pictures or perhaps just some school papers or legal documents. Some free servers, however, provide up to five gigabytes of storage. On the other hand, four or five dollars a month can get you as much as one hundred gigabytes of storage space.

How can I find a good online storage company?

Simple. Open your favorite web search engine and type ‘online file storage.’ You’ll be presented with literally dozens of good options and providers. From this point your only difficulty will be in deciding which one best fits your needs.

How much can I expect to pay?

Online file storage is generally very cheap, if not free. If you only plan on storing a few documents or some pictures, you’ll probably be able to find a perfectly adequate server for absolutely free. On the other hand, if you have a lot of data to back up, you can expect to pay a few dollars per month – rarely more than five or six.

What sorts of data would I want to back up?

Back up the data that’s irreplaceable. If you have any legal documents, short stories, or even the next great American novel, those would be perfect things to put in online storage. Pictures, especially if you’ve deleted the originals, are also good things to consider backing up. There’s nothing worse than taking hundreds of pictures on a trip to Paris and getting them all destroyed when your computer crashes two months later.

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