Online Storage

We’ve all been there – we’ve been working for days, weeks, even months on some important project. It’s almost done and we turn on our computers one morning to see … nothing. Blue screen, ‘illegal operation’, and we start to feel like going postal.

Violence rates are high enough as it is. Consider instead a cheap, wise form of ‘insurance’ – online file storage. By storing your important papers or pictures online, you can be sure that they’ll be there for you even when your computer isn’t. There are a number of such services, and many of them are even free. It is possible, in fact, to get five gigabytes of storage space without paying anything for it.

Of course, you may need more, or you may just want the reliability and ease of use the paid sites offer. For instance, some sites allow you to use a ‘virtual network drive’ – around a hundred gigabytes of online storage that functions exactly as a second hard drive for only four or five dollars a month – a pretty small price to pay for the peace of mind online storage will offer you.

Online storage is cheap and easy to use – and it’s just common sense. In the information age, information is the new gold – so get a bank safe, because you really don’t want to lose it. Just type ‘online storage’ into your favorite search engine and start looking at your options. Data loss is so easily prevented it’s a wonder more people don’t think of doing it.

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