What Is Online Storage

Online storage is an innovative concept that offers quick and easy extra hard drive space solutions for computer users whose systems are running low on memory. As so many internet users would testify, downloading multimedia files — often very large in size — is a major reason for using the web. With feature-length video files often taking up as much as 1 gigabyte in hard drive space, it is clear that many users will find themselves approaching the upper limits of their hard drive’s capacity, even with systems’ hard drives becoming larger and larger as standard.

Online storage promises to solve this problem. Through a variety of different sites, some free and some paid-for, users can upload some or all of the contents of their hard drive onto web or FTP servers — freeing up their own system for other files. Such sites or servers can be targeted at serving many users needing access to files in online storage — usually termed ‘file hosting’ — or can be more aimed at regular, sole-user storage — known more simply as online storage. Users can also put their files in online storage behind the protection of a password, meaning that they are unreachable by other web users.

Such systems are also very useful for computer users looking for an extra backup dimension. If documents or files are valuable enough, online storage of them can make an even more secure backup program when combined with hard drive storage and removable disk copy of the file.

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