Why Use Online File Storage

Some may ask the question, “So, why use online file storage, anyway?” Why use a bank? Why have a safe? Why buy insurance? Online file storage has things in common with all of these, and serves many of the same purposes. In today’s world, information is money, and you’d be wise to take good care of it. Whether they be legal documents, private files, or even just pictures of your kids, it’s a good idea to make sure your files are backed up.

Online file storage is easy to use and next to nothing to maintain. Many services, in fact, actually offer free online storage. It’s not uncommon to get five gigabytes of storage space for no cost whatsoever. For a few dollars a month, you can get as much as a hundred gigabytes of storage space.

The interface for these online file storage services is easy enough for even the most computer illiterate to understand. Some services offer their storage as a ‘fake’ hard drive – in other words, you copy files to your online space just as you would to a thumb drive or an old floppy disk. Others use a simple upload / download interface to move your data.

Online file storage is easy to find, cheap or free to keep up, and invaluable. Next time your desktop starts smoking and decides not to let anyone in, make sure you have all of your important files backed up in their safe online homes just waiting for you to come and retrieve them.

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