The Dell Axim accessory range

The Dell Axim accessory range includes the lithium-ion battery, back-up battery, styluses, USB cradle, AC adapter, memory card fillers and the case. The following are the details of these accessories:

Battery: The X3, X3i and X30 models of the Axim use a rechargeable lithium-ion battery as their main power source while the Axim X5 series uses non-rechargeable CR2032 lithium battery. The Axims consume power all the time even when they are switched off. This is because the device goes into a suspend mode to retain the memory. This depletes the main battery, if it is not recharged properly, forcing the device to switch to the back-up battery.

The Axim X5 uses a back-up lithium battery similar to those used in watches. The users can sometimes notice fluctuations when the back-up battery takes over. This may be caused by a flaw in the battery meter, temperature changes, loose contacts, or due to the number of programs running at any time. Updating to the latest ROM or doing a soft reset may solve this problem.

Stylus: The Axims use metal styluses that can be replaced easily. The users also have the option to buy specially-designed styluses which work as pens, pencils and highlighters. This is not all. Users can replace the original Axim stylus with a fingertip stylus, a pen cap stylus or a massaging stylus. All these styluses are designed to fit into the slot of the original stylus.

USB cradle: The USB cradle has a single LED indicator. It has a compact and elegant design and it does not slide on the table. It has a 2-meter cable and a slot for charging a spare battery. The power cable with a USB connector is fixed to the cradle.

AC adapter: The Axim comes with a small AC adapter, which does not take up much space. It has a detachable mains cord, a connector and a fixed cable, which connects to the cradle, or device.

Filler: The Axim comes with plastic filler that is inserted into the memory slot. It is meant to protect it from getting clogged with dust and other material. The plastic fillers are inserted whenever there is no card in the slot.

Case: A very basic case made of nylon or other synthetic material, with padding on the inside, is included in the package. It does not have any belt clip but provides the device with some protection. Most buyers change the case soon after buying an Axim.

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