Dell Axim software powers a variety of tasks

The Del Axim software allows you to retrieve e-mail, keep track of your schedule and your contacts, browse the Internet, send and receive text messages. The software also allows you to read and compose Microsoft Word Mobile files, make Microsoft Excel Mobile charts, and view Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.

All these capabilities are provided to Dell Axims by the Windows Mobile software. The software also allows owners of Dell Axims to download third-party software to customize their devices. Among other things, the Axim owners can download e-books, games, maps, and business software. This is not all. The dell Axim software enables users to track sales, check inventory, place orders, and accomplish several other business-related tasks.

It is interesting to note that ever since their launch in 2002 the Dell Axims have been using different versions of Windows Mobile software. The Axim X5 used Windows Mobile 2002, so did the Axim X3 family. A high-end version of the Axim X3, branded as Axim X3i, had a built-in WiFi. It was also the first Windows mobile-based device with WiFi to retail for less than $ 400.

Next came the powerful Axim X30 family. This was the first Pocket PC to use the Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition. The middle and high end models of the Axim X30 family included built-in 802.11b WiFi Certification and Bluetooth 1.1 compliance. However, the sale of the mid and low-level Axim X30 was discontinued by Dell in July 2005.

The Dell Axim series was continued with the launch of X50 models. This series also used the built-in 802.11b WiFi certification (X50 mid and X50v only), standard built-in Bluetooth 1.2 compliance and Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition.

For users of Dell Axims, the Windows Mobile 2003 software has been particularly exciting. One feature that won great appreciation was the Pocket Internet Explorer’s ability to display the full Web page by scrolling up and down only. There is no need for users of Dell Axims to scroll the page from side to side.

Another addition is the full VGA resolution (640x480 pixels), a feature that has enabled Dell to introduce high resolution screens. The other enhancements that the software has brought about are: WiFi Protected Access for tighter wireless security, a shorthand Transcriber function, and access to recently used programs via the Start menu.

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