Dell Axim has been a great success

Dell Axim is the trade name used by Dell for its range of Pocket PC devices. These devices are powered by Windows Mobile and made their first appearance in 2002. The first in the series was Dell Axim X5. It was considered an affordable device though slightly bulky with a weight of 6.9 ounces and a size of 5 x 3.2 x 0.7 inches.

Axim X5 used Windows Mobile 2002, which was known as Pocket PC 2002 at that time. The high-end Axim X5 came with a 400 MHz Intel XScale Processor, 64MB RAM, and 48MB flash ROM, and was priced at a hefty $ 349.

The Axim X5 was followed by the Axim X3 family, which was smaller and lighter. A high-end version of the Axim X3 had built-in Wi-Fi, and was called the Axim X3i. It was the first Windows mobile-based device with Wi-Fi to retail for less than $ 400.

Next in the series came the Axim X30 family, which was the first Pocket PC based on the Intel XScale PXA270 Processor. It was also the first Pocket PC to have the Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition. The high-end model has a 624 MHz processor. The middle-level uses the 312 MHz PXA270 processor and has all the other features of the high-end model.

The middle and high end models of the Axim X30 family have 64MB of Intel StrataFlash ROM, and 64MB RAM. They offer built-in 802.11b Wi-Fi Certification and Bluetooth 1.1 compliance. However, the sale of the mid and low level Axim X30 was discontinued by Dell in July 2005.

The Dell Axim series was continued with the launch of X50 models. It is based on the Intel PXA270 processor, running at speeds from 416 MHz to 624 MHz. It has up to 128MB Intel StrataFlash ROM with 64MB on-handheld RAM. It offers built-In 802.11b Wi-Fi Certification (X50 mid & X50v only) and standard built-In Bluetooth 1.2 compliance. It uses the Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition. The high-end X50v retails for $499.

The Axim X51 uses Windows Mobile 5.0 software. It is based on the Intel PXA270 Processor with Intel XScale and Mobile MMX Technology with speeds of up to 624 MHz. It has 64MB SDRAM and up to 256MB Intel StrataFlash ROM. It has built-In 802.11b (Wi-Fi) certification and Bluetooth 1.2 compliance. The high-end The Axim X51v retails for $449.

The Dell Axim PDAs have been extremely successful. They captured 7% of the PDA market and 37% of the Pocket PC market in less than two years. This was despite complaints about long shipping times, average technical support and price discrimination practices in some locations.

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