Palm Desktop makes a handheld more versatile

There are few applications that can match the utility and functionality of Palm Desktop. This software can be downloaded from the Palm site and installed on any Palm device. Once installed, the Palm Desktop can perform a variety of functions. These include: view and sort text or images, find and edit text, and add or back up content in any handheld that runs the Palm OS. The latest Palm Desktop (Version 4.1) also features a Hide/Show/Mask Records function and a re-sizeable memo window. The software also addresses the problem of security and introduces new ways to share, send, and receive appointments and address book information.

This is not all. The updated Palm Desktop can track expenses for multiple categories and in different currencies. Further, it can export them to Microsoft Excel and Word. It also enables the editing of memos in the memo view pane, and provides a range of alarms for upcoming events, making it possible for the user to choose an alarm that best suits his style. Not only this, the user can also customize the launcher bar in several different ways.

All these features are in addition to the ones that were present in Version 4.0. For instance, the users of the latest Palm Desktop 4.1 can use vCard and vCal support to send business cards or appointments electronically. Similarly, they can view an entire calendar year in a single window as well as make use of the innovative Business Card View that was introduced in Version 4.0

Palm Desktop also includes a link to Palm's Web site to enable users to keep track of software upgrades and launch of new products. A great thing about Palm software is that all upgrades are expected to work on most Palm products irrespective of their version.

Another useful feature of Palm Desktop is that it provides 1:1 mirroring of data. The users can enter, print, import, and export data from their desktop operating system. Besides this, users can also download information from the Internet. The Palm Desktop 4.1 also provides for Addins and Extensions. This is especially useful for developers to enhance the utility of the handhelds.

The Palm desktop also provides for a customizable user interface. The user can customize the information he wants to see as per his needs. He can have the entire calendar showing in a single window or just the day’s schedule. The other facilities that the desktop provides are: accessing Date Book information by clicking and holding the mouse over an event, color theme options and deletion of duplicate entries with the search tool.

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