Palm Treo works both as a phone and as an organizer

The Palm Treos form a line of smart phones manufactured by Palm Inc. The first Palm Treo was Palm Treo 600. It was followed by the hugely popular Palm Treo 650. The recent addition to this series is the highly versatile Palm Treo 700w

The Pam Treos were launched to meet the growing demand of phones that were Internet-capable. They have all the features of a full-fledged mobile phone, and can also provide access to e-mail and messaging facilities.

An extra advantage that Palm Treos have over traditional phones is the presence of organizer software that allows users to use the phones to maintain their appointment and to-do lists. They can use the QWERTY keyboard to do the data entry.

The advantages of Palm Treos don’t end here. The Treo smart phones are compatible with both GSM/GPRS and CDMA/1XRTT networks, giving customers a wide choice when it comes to selecting carrier networks not only in the US but across the world.

In fact, more than being organizers Palm Treos are meant to be phones first. They fit perfectly in the hand, rest snugly against the ear, and easily slide into the pocket. The call can be made with the push of a button. Not only this, the user has the option to put a call on hold, activate the speakerphone, mute the call, answer call-waiting, and initiate a conference call.

Functions like the duration of the call, caller's name, number, and photo are displayed as routine. The phones come with speed-dialing facility, and can be used to text messages or e-mail if the called number does not respond. The Palm Treo 700w also has photo speed dialing.

The calls can be made from an application that is from the SMS or e-mail mode as well as from the dial pad that is integrated into the built-in keyboard. The Treos also provide voicemail facility with Treo700w using icons to listen to voicemail or to save or delete voice messages.

The user can also create video ringtones that can be integrated with phone numbers so that you know who is calling from the ringtone itself. For a hands-free experience a user can use the headset or speakerphone feature.

Since the Palm Treos combine the features of a mobile phone with that a personal organizer it saves users the trouble of carrying two devices.

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