Palm Z22 is buyer’s delight

The Palm Z22 handheld organizer from Palm, Inc., the makers of the original Palm Pilot, has been specially designed for people who don’t know the wide range of functions that a handheld organizer can perform. The Z22 therefore has been kept very simple and is one of the easiest handhelds to operate. It was released under the Palm brand in October 2005.

The Z22, which uses a 160 x 160 color touch screen display, replaces the monochrome Zire 21. It features a 200 MHz ARM-based processor and Palm OS Garnet 5.4. The memory is 32MB w/ 20MB accessible to user. It comes with a mini USB connector and an AC adapter (108-132 VAC/60Hz) with a long-life rechargeable battery. A good thing about Z22 is that it does not lose data when it is not recharged properly and runs out of power.

The weight of the Z22 is a mere 96.4 grams and its dimensions are 68.6mm x 103.1mm x 15.2mm. This makes Z22 one of the smallest and lightest handheld organizers in the market, and users can easily slip it into their pocket or purse.

The Z22 has a bright and colorful screen, which is easy to read and glows brightly in the dark. Users can transfer text and photographs from a computer to Z22 in the blinking of an eye. They can also key in notes, appointments, addresses, to-do lists, birthdays, passwords, and photographs. This information can also be transferred from the computer to the Z22, if need be.

This is not all. The users can color code appointments, and set alarms to ensure that they don’t miss an appointment. Users can also sort tasks by categories, prioritize them and set alarms so that they don’t miss out on important events.

The Z22 can also be used to capture thoughts on the note pad, make sketches, write memos, recipes, quotations etc. It can also be used to keep track of daily expenses. The built-in calculator, alarm clock and calendar, are other useful features which makes this handheld a very versatile tool to possess.

The final icing in the cake is the price of Z22. It is priced at a very reasonable $ 99 making it possible for a large number of users to own it.

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