Palm Zire was designed as low-end series

The Palm Zire series was designed to satisfy the low-end consumer. These were handhelds available for within $100. The Palm Zire series included the Palm Zire, Palm Zire 21, Palm Z22, Palm Zire 31, Palm Zire71 and Palm Zire 72. All these models stuck to the idea of low cost and hence came with basic functions only.

The first in the series was the Palm Zire which was followed by Palm Zire21. Both these models were entry-level models. They had a monochrome display without any backlighting. Palm Zire weighed only 108gms and had a memory of 2MB. It used a Motorola Dragonball processor which ran the Palm OS 4.1.x .The other product, Palm Zire 21, had higher memory capacity of 8MB and ran the Plam OS 5.2.1. Both these models have now been discontinued. They gave way to the Palm Z22.

The Palm Z22 was a major improvement to the earlier models. It had a color display of 160x160 and weighed only 0.96gms. Even though it ran on a Samsung 200Mhz processor with 20 MB RAM it still cost below $100.

The Palm Zire 31 was the next model to be introduced in the market with a multitude of functions. It had a 5-way navigator, a 3.5mm stereo headjack and support for Palm Media Application and Real Player among other features. Palm shifted to the Intel PXA255 Processor with Intel XScale technology. It did not have MP3 capability nor did it support SD/MMC/SDIO. This severely hampered it and the Palm Zire 31 was soon phased out.

The Palm Zire 71was the first high-end PDA and was released in April 2003. It had a 320x320 screen which supported 16 bit TFT color screen. This model also had a VGA camera with 300k pixels and for 640x480 resolution. The camera was encased in a protective shell to save it from shocks. The PDA was initially sold for $299 but the price later came down to $249. Its major drawback was that it supported only 16 MB memory which greatly limited the number of pictures that could be stored on it. Palm Zire 71 drained the batteries real fast, and needed regular recharging.

The Palm Zire 72 was the final model in this series. It had a 1.2 Megapixel camera with 32 MB memory space. It also had Bluetooth and voice recording features. It had two models, the Standard one and a Special Edition. While the standard model had a bright blue body and a silver back, the Special Edition had an all-silver casing, which appealed to all.

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