Each iPAQ accessory adds value to your handheld

The utility of iPAQ handhelds can be increased several times by buying the right iPAQ accessory. The user has scores of accessories to choose from, several manufactured by HP, the makers of iPAQ, and some manufactured by independent or licensed HP vendors.

An important accessory is the iPAQ case. You have the option of buying the HP iPAQ nylon slim line case or the stylish and convenient leather belt case. Each has its own advantages. The nylon case is light and does not add to your handheld. It also has an adjustable, self-closing belt loop on the back. Another feature of the nylon case is a pocket that can be used to store business cards or other small items.

The leather case too can be attached to your belt clip. It can also store 1 SD card and 1 CF card in the inside pocket and is compatible with the h1700, h1900, h2200, h3000, hw6500 and h4100 series

You certainly need a charger adapter to keep the batteries going. Ideally, you should keep one charger adapter at office and another at home. A spare one can also be considered if you travel frequently. Another accessory that you need frequently is the stylus. You can buy the replacement pack which has three styluses. They have soft plastic tips to keep the surface of your iPAQs scratch free. You can even consider buying a multifunctional stylus that doubles as a ballpoint pen, laser pointer, and LED reading light. This stylus is compatible with all HP iPAQ series.

A headset is not an essential accessory but with it you can talk freely whether you are working in the garden or fixing a machine or cooking. The headset has one more advantage. It can be used to block out noise with the flexible boom microphone.

And don’t forget the keyboard. The iPAQ keyboard fits securely on your iPAQ Pocket PC. It has a 37-key QWERTY layout and allows you to type at a quick clip when replying to e-mails or other messages. Since the keyboard is equipped with several short cut keys it makes data entry even easier.

iPAQ users should also remember the USB/Serial Autosync Cable. This provides easy synchronization of your iPAQ Pocket PC with your office or home PC through a USB or serial connection. It can be used to transfer files without a docking cradle.

The iPAQ options can be expanded with the Flash memory card. You can fill it with music or use it to back up sensitive files, to free regular memory for daily iPAQs.

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