iPaq cases come in a range of color and style

iPaq cases are essentially meant to protect the PDAs from damage but have become more of a fashion statement. Most of them come in elegant colors and styles, have belt clips for easy carriage and pockets for keeping cards giving the user a wide choice. Some of the better known iPAQ cases are listed here. The Vaja cases are known for their high quality leather, good fit and finish, and are available in several colors. The user can go for a Vaja case with or without a belt clip. The level of protection is good, though the corners are left uncovered. The Vaja cases start at $54.90.

The Sena cases too are made of good quality leather. They have one internal credit card-sized pocket and two smaller ones to hold SD cards. They too offer good protection, though the bottom corners are exposed. They are available with or without a belt clip in a range of colors, for $39.99.

The Proporta aluminum cases, which are also sold under the Innopocket and Rhinoskin brands, provide a high level of protection. Their silvery finish makes them look very attractive. These cases last a long time and can be bought for $34.95. Proporta also offers leather cases, which are similar to the Covertec cases.

The Covertec cases leave most of the iPAQ exposed, with the flip opened. Even when the flip is closed, the case does not provide as much protection as other cases. It comes in a limited range of colors, with a belt clip, and starts off at $39.95.

Piel Frama provides luxurious cases that are made of best quality leather and display a high level of craftsmanship. They have a very good fit and provide a high level of protection. They come with a cleverly designed belt clip, three large pockets and two smaller SD slots. They are available in three colors and can be bought for 60 Euros.

The TiPro titanium cases from InnoPocket offer the highest level of protection to people who want to make their devices virtually dent and crush proof. The case comes with a removable belt clip and it has cutouts for all controls and sockets. The insides are lined with neoprene and the case protects the screen, when it is closed.

The users surely cannot complain. They can select their iPAQ cases based on their taste, needs and buying power.

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