Access Your PC Anywhere

Remote PC access software such as Gotomypc enables you to access another PC system from anywhere in the world with ease, requiring only that you have an internet connection. Once into your PC, you are free to navigate through its operating system and hard drive, as if it were really in front of you.

To obtain remote PC access, you need only download a small piece of software on to the PC you plan to control remotely, before protecting this system with a password. This done, you can achieve remote PC access to your chosen machine simply by visiting a website, downloading a tiny piece of software called a ‘slim client’ and logging on to your Gotomypc account with your password. This software-web combination system is unique to Gotomypc, and means users needn’t buy two copies of remote PC access software, like on most rival systems.

This Gotomypc system also means you really can access your PC anywhere, unlike other systems requiring you to carry software to be loaded onto any PC from which you wish to access your base machine. Instead, Gotomypc automatically downloads its "thin client" onto whichever PC you happen to be using. This can be any PC whatsoever, whether a desktop workstation at work, a friend’s home computer or perhaps even an Internet Café on the other side of the world. Wherever you are, your documents, files or photos can be transferred to you with a few clicks of the mouse via remote PC access and Gotomypc.

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