Can I Access My PC

Juggling time between the office and home can be difficult for many career-minded individuals. Many of them sit at their desks on a Saturday afternoon or late on a Wednesday night when their families are having dinner and ask themselves, can I access my work PC from home? The astounding answer is, yes, you can have remote access to your work PC from home and anywhere in the world.

Remote PC access is enabling businesses and their employees to have a life outside of work. Now, you can travel or stay at home and still work on your office computer. How is that possible? You can with remote PC access from gotomyPC. GotomyPC is a relatively new concept that allows you to upload files, computer programs and even your work email so that you can access it from any computer, anywhere in the world with Internet access. You are now free to have dinner with your family or spend some time with your kids on a Saturday, and still work without having to ‘run to the office’.

GotomyPC is saving money for businesses and families everywhere. No more need to spend extra long hours in the office getting reports done, you can put it on your gotomyPC and then go home and work on it after dinner. You can work from anywhere at any time—even while on vacation!

Your business will save money too, especially when sending you on business trips. No more fear of losing the laptop in flight, no more let down clients. Access your office PC from any computer, anywhere in the world!

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