GoToMyPC allows for remote PC access from any web location. Remote PC access allows you to see and work on your home computer from any location around the world, from any computer you might be accessing. GoToMyPC can help make travel, business and personal record keeping easier.

GoToMyPC offers easy and convenient web based access to your home or work computers. It is safe and secure. Your personal access codes are stored on your home machine, not on GoToMyPC’s servers, and 128 bit encryption protects your data transfer. GoToMyPC works without requiring you to drop your personal firewalls, and it works with all computer firewalls. Remote PC access can make your life easier, and GoToMyPC can help you make sure that your access to your PC anywhere is safe and secure.

PC anywhere technology, like many other current technologies, allows you to take your work and your life on the road. It can make assist corporations and individuals by allowing work to be easily done in any location. Unlike some types of PC anywhere technology, GoToMyPC offers speed and high performance making it a valuable tool for many people.

While business travelers will clearly see the usefulness of PC anywhere technology, it is also a helpful and practical tool for telecommuters. Remote PC access allows telecommuters to work on their work PC and allows employers to track the work of their telecommuters. GoToMyPC is a valuable tool for both employer and employee in these cases.

If you have ever needed access to your computer while away, or access to work computers from your home, PC anywhere technology may solve your dilemma. GoToMyPC offers fast, safe remote PC access all around the world, and may be a useful tool for both work and personal needs. PC anywhere access through GoToMyPC is available at both individual and corporate levels.

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