Gotomypc for Ease of Use

Computer users don't need to be technical experts to gain remote PC access with Gotomypc. All that is required of them is to download a small software client on to the computer they want to control remotely, before choosing a password with which to protect it. When away from their system, they can then achieve remote PC access into their chosen machine simply by visiting the Gotomypc website.

From here, users log on to their Gotomypc account with their chosen password and, using either a second tiny piece of downloaded software called a ‘slim client’, or entering a window online, access another system from afar. This software-and-web combination is unique to Gotomypc, and means users needn’t buy multiple copies of remote PC access software, as is required on most rival systems.

Unlike rival systems, which often require the loading of software onto any PC from which users wish to access another machine, Gotomypc allows users to access their computers remotely within minutes, simply by using the web. This can be done quickly from any PC, whether from a desktop at work, a friend’s home or an Internet Café abroad. Wherever users might be, their documents, files or photos can be transferred with just a few clicks of the mouse via Gotomypc.

As well as being by far the easiest system to use, Gotomypc also offers simple and reliable security and peace of mind, being preconfigured with safeguards like dual password requirements and a 128-bit authentication system. Gotomypc is easy and secure for broadband and narrowband users alike.

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