Remote PC Access

Remote PC access is taking the business world by storm. The ability to access your office PC from anywhere in the world is proving to be a valuable tool for every business. GotomyPC is a program that you can use to upload your office PC so that you can access it from home or anywhere in the world. No more spending time uploading documents and programs to an office laptop. You can just take the laptop and go wherever you need to and still access all the files and programs from your office PC with remote PC access from gotomyPC.

Imagine a world where you could get your very own information from anywhere in the world, from any computer with Internet access. You could travel to a client’s country and access your files from your office. No more worries about losing files or computers in travel, all you have to take with you is your username and password, stored securely in your head.

The files that you upload to your gotomyPC are completely safe from hacking and are only accessible with your username and password. Remote access to your PC has never been safer or easier than with gotomyPC.

With remote access to your office PC, you can work from home, from a café or anywhere as long as you have Internet access. Everything you upload to your gotomyPC is safe and secure and accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week from anywhere in the world.

Talk to your boss about gotomyPC and inform them about the money they can save and the peace of mind they can have knowing their business is in good hands.

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