Why Remote PC Access

Logging onto a computer and using remote pc access or snooping on someone else as they type is surely the stuff of bad Hollywood films, or the mischief of nerdy kids with too much time on their hands. Well not necessarily. With the right software, referred to as remote pc access, anyone can access their own PC from anywhere in the world; now consider what that could mean for your productivity. Control your home PC from the office or access your office computer from home with remote PC access. Pick up that file you were working on while you are on the road and email it to a client. Perhaps even get the tech guys to fix your PC remotely.

For businesses the advantages are just as considerable. The main office can access branch office desktops, or the out-of-town office can access head office’s server. Employees can have full desktop control over email, office and other network resources as if they were at their own desks, yet are on the open road or working at home. The downtime suffered from system administration problems could be significantly lessened if the difficulty could be sorted out with remote PC access. The sales teams need never be lost for the lack of a presentation again. All of this could be available to you or your company and not require lost days of training or elaborate licensing requirements or complicated installation processes. It doesn’t have to cause slightest security headache either, with full firewall, password and encryption support. Imagine what remote PC access can do for and then make it true.

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